Aline Movers- Skip Bins Hire Terms & Conditions

[1] Hire is for up to 7 days unless indicated specifically at the time of quoting -(Special note should be indicating on your receipt or invoice)

[2] All filled bin or no longer needed bin must be notified to us by phone or email for collection. You are then placed in a queue to get your bin picked up (generally from 1-7 working days). Please note, immediately pick up  is only if we have availability.

[3] General waste bin/ Mixed wastes: NO asbestos, hazardous chemicals, food, mattresses or rubber tyres permitted. Heavy fines incur for asbestos present in this type of bin.

[4] Payment are to be made in cash, credit card, debit card or bank transfer on or prior to bin delivery

[5] Overfilled is not allowed. All bin must be filled to the rim only.

[6] Bricks and concrete bin only include these materials. No other materials are allowed.

[7] Price quote only applicable for bookings within 7 days.