Planning for a smooth DIY Renovation Project

October 16, 2017 | no responses | 31

Hassle free DIY renovation require careful planning

So, You have watched all these TV shows THE BLOCK, HOUSE RULES and feel the urge to do it yourself renovation? You are, like thousands of people, thinking it seems so easy. Why not fix your bedroom, extend the house, build a deck or add a patio? Stop! Before you start ripping off that wall, please remember DIY renovations require careful planning, otherwise can become a disaster. How do we know? Because too often we have seen this happening. We have supplied skip bins to many DIY projects, some stretched over a few years and still not completed yet.
To prepare for your DIY project smoothly, there are a number of things you should consider:
– Head to Youtube:
There are some very useful videos when it comes to DIY projects. Search for how to do whatever you’d need to do on Youtube. Follow instructions visually is much easier than reading. Study your instructions carefully, ring up suppliers for tips and tricks etc…
– Your budget:
Do your shopping! Hop onto renovations, building and supplies websites, visit hardware stores, compile the cost of all materials and tools you are going to use.
– Plan your time, but do it realistically:
You should give your project a dead line (but take into consideration your working hours and that you are not a professional at renovations so it may take longer). Once you start the project, try to stick to your deadline.
– Finally, don’t forget to budget the cost to remove left over building wastes. Skip bins hire is great for this.

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