Organising your spring clean

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Organize your home clean out.

Organize a clean out for your home is a MUST to be done once in a while to maintain a healthy living environment for you and your family. The key point here is NOT to keep on pushing this task until later.
Golden Rules to keep your home well organized:
Stuffs which have been left untouched for more than 6 months should be given away, sold or tossed (unless it has the great sentimental value )
New thing comes in, old thing goes out. For every new thing your buy or bring home, you should consider of getting rid of one old thing.
Be prepared before the clean out:
Look around your home and make a list of stuffs being left untouched for more than 6 months (eg: clothing, electrical, toys etc…). Try to sell big bulky items online or through a garage sale, you’ll find this will be quite rewarding for your effort. Otherwise, donate the items to charity and feel good about your good deeds.
Things you’d need for the clean out:
1) Big/ strong garbage bags
2) Hire a skip bin – get ready for your clean out
3) Vacuum cleaner
4) Broom
Steps to your clean out:
1) Start with the most cluttered room. The best place to start with is your bedroom. Begin working from one corner, e.g. the wardrobe.
2) Have different type of garbage bags line up: example 1 bag for clothing to be given to charity, 1 bag for items definitely to be thrown out, 1 bag for items to be sold…
3) Get the kids involved. Clean out should be a good task to get your family members together, talk about the past memories, and have fun.
4) Throw away your useless items in the skip bin you hired. Bring unused toys, clothing, shoes or bags to the local charity, e.g. St Vincent De Paul clothing bin.
5) Host a garage sale for items to be sold or hope onto Gumtree and begin to sell online.

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