Illegal Dumping-STOP

October 16, 2017 | no responses | 25

Councils are getting tough on illegal dumping

Local councils are spending big to clean up illegal dumping sites and the moneys are coping by you-the rate payer. Together, we believe illegal dumping can be stopped. Residents are encouraged to report any illegal dumping spotted in their streets or nearby parks to their local councils. On recent news showed a man has been fined a record amount of $2250000 for dumping 90 tonnes of building waste illegally including asbestos in Picnic Point, in Sydney’s south west. This proved how serious the matter is. Councils are now approved to issue on the spot fine of up to $4000 to individuals caught dumping illegally and up to $8000 for industrial fines. More surveillance cameras will be installed at hot dumping spots. Dump your wastes illegally and you will be caught! It’s not worth the risk. Do the right thing and dispose your wastes lawfully.
If you have debris from home building, renovation or unwanted household items you need to get rid of. Please call us- Aline Movers. We supply skip bins hire for this purpose. Skip bins will be delivered to your door, picked up and taken to lawful sorting centers or nearby tips. We have an account with these sites so your cost of removing wastes would be very reasonable. For other items such as mattresses, you can arranged a free pick up from your local councils twice a year. Don’t risk coping a fine by illegal dumping!

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