How to pack your skip bin

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Tips to pack your skip bin like a pro

Best ways to load skip bin and utilise maximum space

You just called to book for a skip bin and arranged the time and date for it to be delivered to site. Like everything else, it’s paid to be organised and plan ahead as to where to place the bin and how to go about filling it up.

Tip #1: Where to position your bin?

When our driver delivers your bin, they often ask for any instruction you may have to ensure a smooth drop off. It’s convenient to place the bin where you have easy access to. Bins can be dropped off in front of the garage, on the front grass areas or if there’s good enough access, it can be placed in your back yard. Place bins on planks of wood to avoid scratching the driveway or killing the grass. Please remember to seek council permit if you want to have the bin on road or council property.

Tip # 2: Knowing your waste and sort

It is very important to know the type of rubbish you’ll be putting into your skip. Try to sort it as much as you can. For example: Sorting flat items into one group, bulky stuffs into another group. Also don’t forget to exclude prohibited items such as asbestos, food wastes. You don’t want to go through the bin again to take out these items once it is filled.

Tip #3: Break your rubbish into smaller pieces

See if you can break your bulky stuffs into smaller portion and only do this when it is safe to do so. Smaller pieces fit better into the bin. For example: tree trunks can be cut into smaller, branches can be snapped into halves or quarters, legs from old table and chairs can be removed. This way, you will avoid wasting air space when packing your skip.

Tip #4: Pack flat items on the bottom and side

To utilise all space in your bin, make sure to pack flat items such as gyprock, panels, glass etc on the bottom and the sides of your bin.

Tip #5: Heavy items go in first

Heavy items are best thrown in first. Then combine with small items to fill in the air pockets. Pack your bin in layers. Fill the bottom layer first before topping up the next.

Tip #6: Pack your bin tightly to avoid debris falling off

Ensure your bin is packed tightly and do not overfill it. Falling off debris can be dangerous on the road.
Remember, loading and packing your bin the right way can help to avoid extra cost of hiring another skip bin.

At A-line Movers, we are here to assist if you have any enquiries regarding skip bin hire, size, how to best load your bin and where to place your bin.

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