How to create a harmonious living space

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Love to be surrounded by harmony

The place you are living in can significantly affect your health, both physically and mentally. Your home is your most valuable asset and it’s worth an investment. Creating a harmonious living space will bring happiness, a more relaxing environment and of course, a stress-free state of mind.
So what is a harmonious living space? Well, it is a place that is inviting, open and contains all the happy elements. Our well-being seems to be better when surrounded by nature. The steps towards achieving this are quite simple, these will be outlined below.
Now, close your eyes and imagine you are opening a door and walking into to a home with open spaces, the soothing sound of water, green plants, warmth and feeling cosy through the colour of timber and plenty of fresh air circulating. Let’s bring this into reality.

The first and vital step is to organise your space.

Nothing is worse than having a home full of stuff everywhere. Make sure it’s nice and tidy. Look around you to identify items which have not been used or touched in the last 6 months. Don’t hesitate to give them away or clear them using a local skip bin hire service. Your door entry should be cleared of any obstacles.

The next step is to bring the outdoor, indoor.

Purchase some indoor plants and arrange them in corners or hallways. If possible, each room should have some plants on display. Greeneries are very important to bring nature inside your home and create that fresh feel. Plants are also your best air filter solution. Indoor plants can help improve the quality of air inside your home as they can absorb harmful chemicals, including carbon monoxide and will convert this into fresh, breathable oxygen. As a result, you will have better sleep, feel more relaxed and live a happier life.

Make sure windows are open whenever you can to allow as much fresh air in as possible.

Water is another important featured element to have.

Place a fish tank or water feature inside your home. The sound of falling water helps calm your mind and release stress. That’s why you often hear this sound during yoga exercises. Add a fish tank if you can. Fish tanks are not only a great feature but are also a relaxing focal point. Viewing the fish swimming around will help take you away from every day anxieties.

The warm colour of wood is also another great element to be included in your living space.

Display wooden pots, plates or ornaments inside your home to create that cosy feel. It’s best to combine plants and wood together. For example, get some succulents and grow them in driftwood. Not only are they beautiful to display, but succulents are also very resilient and easy to care for.

A happy living space is a place where you feel relax and comfortable in. A nice, clean place combined with the natural elements such as wood, plants, water and wind enhance the positive energy. Your harmonious living space is just waiting for you to create it.

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