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A guide to building a concrete pool in NSW

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Building a pool this summer? Things you need to know

Thinking about having a pool in your back yard? This is a great idea for the family to enjoy the outdoors, create a beautiful feature and adding value to your home. However, before building a pool, you’d need to consider a few important points:
Your budget: Pool building can be a costly exercise. Like any building experience, be prepare for extra costs even when your pool builder say they will provide you with a fixed quote.
Safety regulations: In Australia, pool fencing is a requirement and council approval is needed before you can fill up the water in your pool. When designing the pool, remember to take into account these regulations, otherwise there will be added cost to comply with the regulations once the pool is completed.
Pool Landscaping: After building a pool, there’s landscaping. There’s no point having a pool done and no allowance for landscaping. This will not add any value in fact would devalue your home. Landscaping give your backyard’s pool a complete picture. The pool and its great landscape would be more inviting for you to enjoy swimming more.
Pool maintenance and ongoing cost: After building a pool, there will be ongoing costs such as chemicals (chlorine, acid, buffer, pool water sunscreen and the list goes on…..) and salt (for salt chlorinator pool). Evaluate if you should build salt water for freshwater pool. Salt chlorinated water pool system is more expensive to set up, but in the long run may be cheaper than freshwater pool. Your pool water will have to be regularly tested to ensure the water is safe and healthy to swim in.

Pool building process step by step:
1) Choose a pool builder in your state, draw out your pool design, go through the contract etc (Read the contract carefully: ask lots of questions and get them to include any extra point you discuss in the contract)
2) Marking out your pool: a supervisor from your pool building company would come and mark the position of your pool design.
3) A temporary fence will need to be set up around the area reserve for your pool building: Be careful to ask your pool builder if this is included in your package price. For some pool builder, this is the home owner responsibility.
4) Excavation: Excavator, bobcat, and tipper on site to carve out the shape of your pool and remove the dirt (lots of it).
5) Once the hole has been carved out, it’s time for the formwork. The builder would need to have all formwork in placed before pouring concrete. Steel will be fixed as the skeleton structure for your concrete pool.
6) It’s time to spray the concrete.

7) After the concrete is done, the waiting period is approximately around 4-6 weeks, so the concrete can set, allowing for any expansion or contraction.
8) In the meanwhile, the coping can be fixed onto the edges of your pool and the plumping can be done as well.
9) Interior is the next step after the concrete is set. There is a range of interior finish, including pebblecrete, mosaic tiles.

10) Clean up step now proceed, a thorough acid wash will be performed.
11) Finally, have your pool fence, landscape etc done, getting ready for council inspection. Once your pool passed the inspections, you are ready to fill up the water and SWIM.
For years, we have been supplying skip bins to home owners building swimming pools in Sydney either for dirt removal or rubbish from doing landscaping around the pool.

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