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Spring Flowers

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illegal dumping

Illegal Dumping-STOP

Illegal Dumping- STOP- It’s a crime Local councils are spending big to clean up illegal dumping sites and the moneys are coping by you-the rate payer. Together, we believe illegal dumping can be stopped. Residents are encouraged to report any illegal dumping spotted in their […]

making a stick man

Tidy up your garden.

Gardening ideas. Get ready for spring, tidy up your garden! Spring is approaching. Now is the best time to start pruning your trees, clean up your garden and get everything ready for the warm season. Get your kids to participate. Make it fun. It’s a […]

pivot entry door

Pivot Entry Door

Pivot Entry Door The new trend of using big tall entrance doors is on the rise in the past few years. Entrance doors in the Illusion or Savoy range from Hume Doors are often seen in the building of new homes or renovations. The size […]

how to cut cost on new home building building

How to cut cost when building a new home

How to cut cost when building a new home Building a new home is a big decision and an exciting experience. However, it requires careful planning and budgeting. There are lots of factors to take in and absorb. We have compiled a rough guide to […]

how to organise a home clean out

How to properly organise your home clean out.

Organize your home clean out. Organize a clean out for your home is a MUST to be done once in a while to maintain a healthy living environment for you and your family. The key point here is NOT to keep on pushing this task […]

how to identify asbestos

How to Identify Asbestos?

How to Identify Asbestos? Everybody knows the danger risk of Asbestos to our health. DIY renovators need to be aware and dispose correctly. What is Asbestos? Asbestos is a natural occurring fibrous silicate material. It was widely used in building materials before mid-1980s due to […]

Planning Tips for DIY Renovations

Planning for a smooth DIY Renovation project.

Planning Tips for DIY Renovations So, You have watched all these TV shows THE BLOCK, HOUSE RULES and feel the urge to do it yourself renovation? You are, like thousands of people, thinking it seems so easy. Why not fix your bedroom, extend the house, […]

building a concrete pool in NSW

A guide to building a concrete pool in NSW

A guide to building a concrete pool in NSW. Thinking about having a pool in your back yard? This is a great idea for the family to enjoy the outdoors, create a beautiful feature and adding value to your home. However, before building a pool, […]

Liverpool skip bins hire rubbish removal tips

Skip bins hiring rubbish removal tips

Rubbish removals Sydney: skip bins hire and things you should know When doing a renovation, moving houses, or just simply doing a clean-up, we are left with piles of unwanted items, rubbish to be removed. In NSW, residents can call up their local councils and […]