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pivot entry door

Pivot Entry Door

Pivot Entry Door

The new trend of using big tall entrance doors is on the rise in the past few years. Entrance doors in the Illusion or Savoy range from Hume Doors are often seen in the building of new homes or renovations. The size of these entrance doors is approximately 1200mm width x 2340 mm height. Because these doors are big and heavy, they are best installed on pivot system frame.

What is pivot system?

Pivot system holds your door using top and bottom pivot fittings instead of hanging your door on the side frame using hinges. This system is designed to easily hold larger and heavier doors. The pivot system door frame from Hume Doors also include hydraulic self closer for progressive controlled door closing/ latching. When you buy the door with pivot system meaning you are getting your door already fitted to the pivot frame.


Pivot system entry doors generally cost more than double of hinged doors. The pivot system frame itself cost more than the door. However, the system is believed to be more durable and efficient for heavy entrance door.

Knock down your wall and create a bigger entry for your home – Good Fengshui

Big entrance for your home is a good Feng Shui feature, because it is believed that a great opening will attract positive energy to your home. Pivot entry system door is something worth considering, especially if your home’s entry is tiny and stuffy.

Skip bins hire is excellent for removing all your knocked down bricks, old door and frame, keeping your renovation project tidy and ready for the installation of the brand new entrance door.



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