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How to make the best use of your skip bin

Tips For Effective Rubbish Removal

Have you hired a skip bin before? Below are some tips to avoid unnecessary additional charges or problems when hiring one:

  • Where possible, try to separate your wastes. Recyclable materials such as brick and concrete are generally cheaper than general mixed wastes.
  • Request to have the hired skip bin placed inside of your property boundary to avoid fines by the council or to avoid rubbish being dumped in your bin by anonymous people.
  • If you must have your bin on natural strips, speak to the council regarding permit issues.
  • Fill the waste bin up to the rim only. The RTA inhibits the transportation of overloaded bins on road.
  • Inform us if the wastes include mattress and tyres.
  • Items such as nappies, food, ASBESTOS and hazardous chemicals are strictly NOT allowed. Asbestos bins are available for hire. Ask us about the special packing requirements for asbestos bins.
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